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For selling old gold jewellery and jewels in The Hague, please contact De Goudwaag. We have expert knowledge, are honest and value customer-friendliness. We have a long family tradition of buying gold and silver. You can sell your old gold jewellery at our shop in The Hague with confidence.

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The value of old jewellery

The rate of gold and silver is on the move every day. When buying old gold jewelry, only the material value of the gold the jewellery is made of is considered. It is therefore better to sell special collector's items yourself on, for example, Marktplaats. We will gladly advise you whether a piece of jewellery is special or not (hint: only 5% of the jewellery is special enough to fetch more than the material value).

Frequently asked questions about selling gold jewellery

The value of your old jewellery is determined according to the gold rate. A commission is charged on this when you sell it. There are several reasons for this:

  • These are considerably smaller quantities, to which these "wholesale prices" do not apply.
  • Jewellery involves items that still need to be remelted to extract the gold and silver. The exact content of pure silver or gold is also analysed at the smelter. Both smelting and this analysis cost money.
  • The buyer who buys up your jewellery runs a price risk: He buys small quantities and has to wait until he has accumulated a large quantity before he can sell. If the price has then fallen by then (as, for example, in mid-April 2013, when the price plunged by more than 17% within three days), the buyer has to pay for that price loss.
  • The buyer you sell your old jewellery to also has to pay his rent and other expenses, and obviously earn something from it.

So if a buyer advertises gold prices or silver prices equal to the stock market price mentioned in the chart, you can be sure that you will never actually receive this price. These are so-called "bait prices" that lure people into the shop, only to pay out a much lower amount.

95% of all jewellery is very difficult to sell on, even if it is still beautiful and completely whole. This is often due to the fact that tastes change and people start to like different things with time. We know from experience on Marktplaats that it takes a long time to sell a piece of jewellery, and even then it almost never actually succeeds in selling them for a price higher than the material value.

Indeed, some jewellery contains one or more gemstones in addition to gold or silver. Often these are very small stones. Precious stones only become interesting to sell when they exceed 0.2 carats. And then we are already talking about quite large stones. Below 0.2 carats, diamonds or other gemstones are put in a big bag and sold per kilo for a wholesale price. Therefore, we cannot pay anything for stones below 0.2 carats. However, we can remove them from the jewellery for you and return them to you so that you can do something else with them if you wish.

For gemstones above 0.2 carats, we can sometimes give something depending on the quality (colour, clarity, degree of contamination inside, how it has been cut). We will be happy to advise you on this.

For old jewellery sales, you are welcome to visit our shop in The Hague. We want to be an honest jewellery buyer and therefore give you open and honest advice and offer fair prices for your jewellery.

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