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How does selling silver work?

For silver sales The Hague, please contact De Goudwaag. With us you can sell all kinds of silver, such as silver coins, silver guilders, silver cutlery, silver tableware, silver bars, old zulveren jewellery and all other silver objects. We have expert knowledge, are honest and value customer-friendliness. That is why we pay you a high silver price for your silver. De Goudwaag is therefore a trusted address for silver purchasing in The Hague.

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Bringing valuables

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We then assess the value and make you an offer

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Personal attention

Instant cash
De Goudwaag

Silver purchasing as a family tradition

We come from a long family tradition of trading and buying silver and gold, and therefore know the ins and outs of precious metals like no other. For this reason, we are able to provide you with expert information and detailed explanations about what happens to your silver.

We know that selling your silver valuables is not always easy. You want to make sure you receive a fair and honest amount for it. We help you with that by telling you exactly how we arrive at our offer so that it is completely transparent to you. This way, you can sell your silver with a reliable and pleasant feeling. Our motto is therefore: "Buying gold and silver, but fair!".

Types silver

The precious metal silver exists in many forms. People come to our shop in The Hague to sell old silver jewellery, sell silver coins, sell silver bears, sell silver-plated cutlery, sell silver cutlery, or sell silver objects. When silver is purchased, all these items yield a nice amount, which is always calculated based on the current daily exchange rate.

To make silver more solid, it is mixed with other metals. Unlike gold, which is referred to as "carat", silver is referred to as "grade". In most jewellery, the silver grade is 92.5%. This is called 925 silver, sterling silver or "first grade". Cutlery often has 83.5% silver and is called 835 silver or "second grade". These numbers can be found in small marks on the items. Second and third grade is mainly used on silver objects or silver tableware. Silver-plated objects have a thin layer of silver on them and the rest of the object is other metal. These contain very little silver, and are therefore worth much less. They can be recognised by the mark 80, 90 or 100.

Silver jewellery, be it silver brooches or silver necklaces, silver charm bracelets, silver rings are usually made of sterling silver as mentioned above. When selling silver coins, for example redeeming a silver guilder or a silver rijksdaalder, silver coins from the Netherlands of, for example, Queen Wilhelmina or Juliana, it is important to know that they have a different grade of pure silver, namely 72%.

Foreign silver coins such as the US silver dollar (also known as the US Silver Eagle) can sometimes be of almost pure silver depending on the year they were produced, but sometimes even only fifty percent silver. The Chinese Silver Panda, the Austrian Philharmoniker, the Canadian Maple Leaf are also very well-known silver coins. The weight of a foreign silver coin is usually 1 ounce, about 31 grams. Would you like to sell silver bars, then it is good to know that they are made of almost entirely pure silver.

Furthermore, many people today are looking for an address to sell silver cutlery or tableware. Silver forks, spoons and knives used to be widely used, but nowadays hardly anyone eats with them. It pays off to trade in this silver cutlery at De Goudwaag, the address for selling silver in The Hague.

Selling silver gracefully

Selling your silver with us is so easy: a matter of coming by and having your silver valued. We weigh and value it right in front of your eyes. We then offer you a price and, if you agree, you can exchange your silver for cash on the spot. Or we pay it straight into your bank account. Of course, a valuation is completely non-binding and you are not obliged to anything.

Whether beautiful or ugly, old or new, you can sell all your old silver at De Goudwaag in The Hague. The purchase of silver bars, silver coins, silver tableware, silver items, silver necklaces, silver bracelets, silver charm bracelets, silver charms, or any other silver jewellery, we are happy to do it. Of course, you can also come by for gold jewelry purchase. with us. 

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