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When it comes to precious metals, the first things that come to mind are gold and silver. Many are also familiar with the precious metal platinum, which for a while was worth even more than gold. Meanwhile, that is no longer the case. Platinum is currently worth about half as much as gold. You can buy your and your precious metals such as palladium and platinum sell at our shop in The Hague for a nice amount.


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Platinum - no white gold

Many people confuse platinum with white gold. However, platinum is a completely different type of precious metal. Apart from jewellery with its familiar white-silver colour, it is also used for dental gold bridges and crowns.

When selling platinum, it does not matter whether it is in a beautiful ring, or in an ugly pulled-out crown or bridge, platinum remains platinum and retains its value whether it looks nice or not.

Palladium - the hidden precious metal

Palladium is a precious metal that is not widely known. Yet many people wear palladium without knowing it themselves. In fact, palladium is often used together with silver as an added metal in white gold jewellery. It is the palladium and silver that give white gold jewellery its distinctive white colour. Also for palladium, like platinum, it is often used in dental gold for bridges and crowns. White-coloured crowns and bridges almost always contain palladium

Precious metal trade as a family tradition

We come from a long family tradition of trading precious metals and therefore know the ropes like no other. For that reason, we are able to expertly inform you about all the precious metals you bring to us.

You want to be sure you receive a fair and honest amount for your precious metals. We help you do that by telling you exactly how we arrive at our offer so that it is completely transparent to you. That way, you can sell your precious metals with confidence and peace of mind.

We look forward to seeing you at De Goudwaag for a no-obligation valuation of your precious metals, be it platinum, palladium or any other precious metal. A cup of coffee will be waiting for you.

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