Sell gold from inheritance

Fair valuation and purchase of silver and gold from estate

In many cases, inheritances also involve gold and/or silver. These may include broken or whole silver or gold jewellery, silver items or cutlery, gold bars or silver bars, collections of gold or silver coins, pewter items, precious stones or branded watches.

Before this gold or silver is sold for the purpose of distribution of the inheritance, it is important to be well informed about the value of the silver or gold from the estate.

Expert valuation of gold from estate

We at De Goudwaag in The Hague have valued quite a lot of gold from estates. We have provided our services to a large number of notaries in the area. We would be happy to value gold from an inheritance for you too, free of charge and without obligation.

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Satisfied customers

We have already had many satisfied customers from around The Hague who have had gold from inheritances valued and sold with us. You will find more than 200 positive reviews about us at eKomi on the Internet, and we have also received many great reviews on Google.


Realistic valuation

When valuing gold from an inheritance, you want to know what you will actually receive for the jewellery. An assessment of the value for insurance purposes makes no sense here. After all, this value is always at the level of new purchases of comparable gold jewellery. When selling an inheritance, you usually sell for the material value.

We immediately carry out a realistic valuation of the value that can actually be obtained for the gold and silver.

Gold trade as a family tradition

We come from a long family tradition in the gold trade and therefore know the ropes like no other. For this reason, we are able to provide you with expert information and detailed explanations about what happens to your gold and silver.

We know that selling your valuables is not always easy, especially if it is an estate with many memories. You want to make sure you receive a fair and honest amount for it. We help you with that by telling you exactly how we arrive at our offer so that it is completely transparent to you. That way, you can sell your gold or silver with confidence and peace of mind.

Sell gold from inheritance

We will gladly buy the gold from your estate from you based on the appraised value. The value can be paid out in cash or deposited immediately into the desired bank account.

We look forward to seeing you at De Goudwaag for a no-obligation valuation of gold from inheritances. A cup of coffee will be waiting for you.

Bringing valuables

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We then assess the value and make you an offer

Free valuation of gold, silver and more

We then assess the value and make you an offer


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Cash payment

You will receive the amount immediately, in cash or by bank transfer

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