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Gold purchase Zoetermeer

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Where to go for gold purchase Zoetermeer?

Are you looking for an address for gold purchasing Zoetermeer? Then your best choice is a short drive to 's-Gravenhage. There, De Goudwaag is located at Van Hoytemastraat 113 in the Benoordenhout district, a stone's throw from the motorway and easily accessible. 

Why is De Goudwaag the best choice? Firstly, because we have extensive expert knowledge. De Goudwaag stems from a long family tradition in the gold trade in Germany. Secondly, we are honest and fair about your gold and its value. At De Goudwaag, no unrealistic decoy prices but a fair price. Finally, we are an extremely stylish gold buyer. We are in the well-known shopping street Van Hoytemastraat for a reason.

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De Goudwaag
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Information on selling gold from Zoetermeer

How do I know Whether gold is real?

To make gold more solid, it is mixed with other metals. Gold content is often expressed in carats. Many jewellery pieces are 14 or 18 carats. This means they contain 58.5% or 75% of pure gold. The rest is then other metals. In the Netherlands, gold objects must always bear a stamp indicating the carat. With foreign jewellery, such as Moroccan gold or Indonesian gold, this is not necessarily the case. The gold content can then be determined using a special testing method with nitric acid.

De Goudwaag does such tests many times a day and thus has great expertise in this. Gold-plated objects have a thin layer of gold on them and the rest of the object is other metal. These contain too little gold to melt down. And of course, there is fake gold. Your expert at De Goudwaag recognises this immediately by its shine and colour, but can very easily show you whether it is real gold or counterfeit using the aforementioned testing method. Advice at De Goudwaag is always free of charge.

Gold price

Gold is a precious metal that holds a fairly constant value. The gold rate fluctuates daily, but has risen to record levels in recent months. It is therefore a good time to sell your gold. You often get back for it today in euros what you paid in guilders at the time! De Goudwaag will be happy to advise you.

Gold coins sell Zoetermeer

Gold coins are often made of nearly 100% gold and therefore have a high value. You will be amazed at how much you can get for your gold at De Goudwaag. We will be happy to advise you, free of charge!

Gold teeth, gold crowns and gold teeth

Many people have no idea that when they pull their old gold teeth, molars or crowns, they suddenly have a fortune on their hands. It definitely pays not to leave these teeth or molars at the dentist's, but to take them home and hand them in. After all, they often contain more than half pure gold! No matter how they look, no matter how ugly they sometimes are. It is also no objection at all if they still contain remnants of teeth. De Goudwaag removes them in minutes without any problems.

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Family tradition in the gold purchase

We stem from a long family tradition in this trade and therefore know the ropes like no other. We are therefore able to provide you with expert information and detailed explanations about what we do.

Deliberate your sell gold

At De Goudwaag, you always get a free valuation. You will then know exactly what your valuables are worth, without being obliged to sell them. And if you want to sell, you get the value of your gold or silver immediately in cash. A good espresso or cappuccino are always ready for you. So take contact with us. You can rest assured that your car ride will be out of Zoetermeer absolutely worth it!

Personal attention

Instant cash
De Goudwaag
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