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Free valuation and purchase of silver jewelry.

For silver jewellery purchase in The Hague, you can turn to De Goudwaag. We have expert knowledge, are honest and consider customer-friendliness important. You don't sell silver jewellery every day. That is why you want to be sure that a fair value will be appraised and that you will actually be paid.

We do this with us in complete transparency, being honest about the fact that we charge a commission compared to the silver price. After all, we also have to cover our costs such as rent etc., and still make a living out of it.

Silver jewelry is obviously worth a lot less than gold jewellery. Roughly speaking, the silver value is 100 times less than the gold value. The price of silver jewellery when sold at the jeweller's consists not only of the value of the material, the silver, but also has a part for the craftsmanship, the forging of the jewellery, which is often a very precise job. Therefore, prices of silver jewellery when you buy it new are a multiple of the material value of the silver.

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The value of silver jewellery

When buying silver jewellery, we are concerned with the material from which your jewellery is made. Silver jewellery is usually made of so-called Sterling silver, or 925 silver, often identified by the little mark "925" somewhere on the silver jewellery. This means that the jewellery contains 92.5 per cent pure silver in addition to other metals to make it sturdier. Therefore, it does not matter if your jewellery is old, ugly or broken. Silver is silver, no matter how it looks. Therefore, don't hesitate to take your sell broken silver jewellery with us.

When selling your old silver, you will therefore be paid the material value. This is because in 99 out of 100 cases, the jewellery is melted down. So keep in mind that what you receive for your old silver jewellery when you sell it is much lower than the price you once paid for it at the jeweller's.

Types of silver jewellery

Well-known silver jewellery includes silver necklaces, charm necklaces, silver bracelets, charm bracelets, silver slave bracelets, silver earrings. The charms phenomenon is something typically Dutch. Many children receive a charm necklace or charm bracelet at birth, and as the years progress, new charms are added every year. Usually, they are no longer worn once the childhood years are over and they are left to gather dust in the cupboard. For the purchase of all the silver jewellery mentioned above, we are at your service in our shop in The Hague.

We look forward to seeing you in our shop to value your silver jewellery for free!

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