De Goudwaag

Naomi Weststrate-Iraq

Gold buyer
since 2011

De Goudwaag is a gold buyer on Van Hoytemastraat in The Hague Benoordenhout, run by me, Naomi Weststrate-Irak. You can come to us to sell all your old gold or silver.

After living abroad as a diplomat's wife for seven years, I returned to the Netherlands with my family in 2011. I then fulfilled a long-cherished wish: to open my own gold buying shop, following in the footsteps of my family in Germany.

For me, a few things are very important: attention to people, honesty, craftsmanship and style. Below I tell you how I think about these things, which will help you learn more about me and my approach.

The location in The Hague

We specifically chose the van Hoytemastraat in Benoordenhout, because the service of buying gold is not yet offered in this neighbourhood. We hear from many of our customers that they like the fact that they do not have to go to the city centre or another district in The Hague for gold buying, but can do this close to home in their own district. We have also decorated our shop in a pleasant and stylish way so that you can feel at ease with us.

Goudwaag den haag

Honest and fair, good price for your gold

When buying your gold or silver, you want to deal with a reliable partner. We want to be that for you. We are a gold buyer stemming from a long-standing family tradition in which reliability and honesty are paramount. In that tradition, my family has been working in various places in Germany for many years. And we now want to continue this tradition as a gold buyer in The Hague Benoordenhout.

You can rest assured that you will get a fair price for your old gold or silver at De Goudwaag. Whether it is tooth gold or silver cutlery, we calculate a fair gold price based on the daily rate. And if you have received a good offer elsewhere, we would be happy to see you in our shop to see if we can make you an even sharper offer.

Feel free to drop in for free advice or a free valuation of your gold or silver. We always take the time for you, and a good espresso or cappuccino is always available.

Personal attention

Instant cash
De Goudwaag
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