Silver price per gram/kilo

Here you will find today's real-time current silver price per 1000 grams (1 kilo) as it applies on the world market.

CAUTION: This is NOT the price paid out. All buyers charge a commission on this.

Price silver per kilo pure today,
25 September 2023, 23:02:

€ 700,87

You can adjust the chart by clicking the buttons above the chart, e.g. "1w" for price movement in 1 week. You can also switch between GOLD and SILVER and PLATINUM.

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The silver price when you are selling your own silver

CAUTION! The following is important if you are going to sell your own old silver, where of course you always want to receive the highest silver price per kilo. The silver price mentioned is a world market price and you will not be able to get it anywhere as a consumer. There are several reasons for this:

  • Firstly, private sales often involve much smaller quantities, to which these "wholesale prices" do not apply.
  • Secondly, these are usually pieces that have yet to be remelted. Moreover, in the smelter, the exact silver content has to be analysed to the tenth of a percent. That smelting and that analysis also cost money.
  • Third, the buyer runs a price risk. He buys the silver today, but can only sell it later when he has accumulated a large quantity. If the price has fallen by then, that is the risk for the buyer (as, for example, in April 2013, when the price fell almost 20% within three days).
  • Finally, the buyer you sell the silver to also has to pay his rent and other expenses, and obviously earn something from it.

So if a buyer advertises a price equal to the world market price mentioned in the chart, you can be sure that you will never actually receive this price. These are so-called "bait prices" that lure people to the shop, only to pay out a much lower amount. Or with some, you only get paid that price if you buy new jewellery in return, and you get a lower amount with these traders if you want contact money without buying anything new from them.

Silver price The Hague

The Goudwaag does not participate in such bait prices. We would like to offer you a fair silver price. Feel free to come by for a free valuation or contact us. We gladly welcome you to our stylish shop. We will be happy to give you all the information you want to know about the silver price. Completely free of charge and without obligation. De Goudwaag: your best address for a fair gold rate per gram in The Hague.

How the silver price comes about

The silver price is a notional value on various stock exchanges around the world, mainly the commodity and precious metals exchanges in London and New York. The prices of precious metals, including silver, are quoted there in a similar way to the price of shares or oil. There are several factors that determine the price of gold. The most important, of course, is classic supply and demand. When demand rises, value rises. The silver price is called counter-cyclical, i.e. when the economy goes bad, silver goes good. This is because people still see silver as a safe investment in turbulent times. You can find news about the silver price, for example here .

In principle, the silver price is the same in every city, so the highest silver price in The Hague is basically the same as the highest price elsewhere in the country. But for the best silver price, it nevertheless pays off to compare well because buyers do apply different silver prices among themselves. Everyone is free to set their own price. De Goudwaag aims to offer you the best price, whether it is for a troy ounce (approx. 31 grams) coin such as a Silver Dollar, or for a broken piece of jewellery, or any other form of this precious metal. Therefore, for the best kilogram price of silver in The Hague, a trip to De Goudwaag certainly pays off.

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