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Gold coins can make a lot of money when you go to redeem them....

Sell gold coins with collector's value

A very small proportion of gold coins are rare and therefore have a collector's value beyond the material value of the coin. Whether a coin has collectible value depends on many factors. We can determine whether your coins have collector's value or not. We do this free of charge and without obligation. And if desired, you can sell your gold coins directly with us.

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You come to us with your gold coins

Sell gold coins

We then assess the value and make you an offer

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We then assess the value and make you an offer


Sell gold coins
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Gold coins have a high carat content

Even if they have no collector's value, turning in gold coins definitely pays off. Coins always have a high carat content, and generally contain more than 90% of pure gold.

At The Goudwaag, we know exactly which coins are of what grade. We can therefore determine the exact value for you. We also do this completely free of charge and without any obligation to sell.

If you are satisfied with the appraised amount, we will of course be happy to proceed with the purchase of your gold coins.

Types of gold coins

We purchase of all kinds of gold coins. Major gold coins we buy include:

  • The Krugerrand from South Africa
  • Our own Dutch Golden Tenner
  • The American Eagle
  • The Canadian Maple Leaf
  • The Chinese Panda
  • The British Souvereign
  • The Dutch Golden Ducat
  • The Dutch Golden Fiver
  • The Australian Nugget
  • The Mexican 50 pesos
  • The Swiss 20 Francs

A commonly used weight for gold coins is the so-called troy ounce, which is equivalent to 31.1 grams.

Among silver coins, besides the well-known silver guilders and rijksdaalders, which you can also sell with us, the silver American Eagles are also very well known. Several other countries also have silver coins, all of which you can exchange for cash with us.

We at De Goudwaag in The Hague have already purchased thousands of gold and silver coins. We will gladly buy your coins from you and promise you a fair price. You can take the amount with you in cash, or we can transfer it to your bank account. We look forward to seeing you in our shop for a free, no-obligation valuation, and here you can read more about how that works.

Sell silver coins

Silver coins are obviously worth a lot less than gold coins, but selling silver coins can also be worthwhile. We will be happy to help you determine the value of your silver coins and, if you wish, proceed with their purchase.

Frequently asked questions about purchase of gold coins

When selling gold coins, the determinants of value are:

The fine gold content (333, 585, 750, etc.)
The weight of the coin(s)
In some cases, the collector's value of the coin

If we notice that a coin is a collectible, we report it immediately. However, it happens very rarely.

The easiest way to sell gold coins is at a bullion dealer like De Goudwaag. The process is simple and you get instant cash.

An honest gold dealer will tell you all about the value of gold coins and live analyse the fine gold content.

As long as they do not sell your gold coins commercially, no tax has to be paid.

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