What we buy

Purchase of all kinds of gold

Whether it is scrap gold, old gold jewellery from an inheritance or gold coins or gold bars: At De Goudwaag, you can exchange all types of gold. We do not only welcome Dutch gold, but also Turkish gold, Moroccan gold, Indian gold or gold from anywhere else.

Gemstones in jewellery

If your jewellery contains gemstones, we are also happy to look at that. Gemstones become interesting to us from 0.2 carats upwards. We will gladly give you a nice amount for that. Or you we remove them from the jewellery for you so you can take them back home with you.

Purchase of all kinds of silver

Silver may be worth less than gold, but silver items, whether literally the silverware or old silver jewellery, coins or silver bars, everything is welcome to exchange with us for cash. You can also sell silver-plated cutlery with us.

High end branded watches

Even if they are not gold or silver, we are interested to buy branded watches. We offer you a nice price for your Rolex, IWC, Cartier or Patek Philippe etc.

Other (precious) metals

Gold and silver are the most well-known precious metals, but there are also other metals that make money. For instance, you can also sell platinum at our shop in The Hague. Other precious metals used for industrial applications such as palladium are also welcome at our shop.

Furthermore, with us, the purchase of tin and pewter items possible. Tin and pewter items can yield a nice amount of money at The Goudwaag.

Easy and convenient

Selling your valuables with us is very easy and involves three steps, which you can see below. We welcome you to our shop on Van Hoytemastraat in Den Haag Benoordenhout.

Bringing valuables

You come to us with your gold and silver

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We then assess the value and make you an offer

Free valuation of gold, silver and more

We then assess the value and make you an offer


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Cash payment

You will receive the amount immediately, in cash or by bank transfer

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