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Do you have silverware from an inheritance, or just in the drawer and you no longer use it? Then consider selling your silver cutlery at De Goudwaag in The Hague. Silver utensils used to be used a lot, but many people find it too much work to clean their silver cutlery all the time and would like to trade it in. We will gladly give you cash if you want to sell your silver cutlery with us.

Assessing the value of silver cutlery goes by weight. Selling the silverware as a complete case to be reused as silverware is almost impossible, as there is a lot of it in circulation, but hardly any demand for silver cutlery, for the reasons mentioned above. We at De Goudwaag weigh your silver cutlery and pay you a nice amount based on the silver content and weight.

The levels most commonly used for cutlery are the so-called second and third silver content: the 2nd silver content or 835/000 where 83.5% is silver and the 3rd silver content or 800/000 where 80% is pure silver. We can easily determine the silver content based on the marks in the silver cutlery and can thus determine the value of your silver cutlery very easily. We charge a fair commission in relation to the silver rate. This makes De Goudwaag the right address for silver cutlery sales The Hague.

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Silver cutlery - loved in ancient times

Silver cutlery was very popular in earlier times because of its chic appearance. Many people from the old generation have silverware in their homes. A major disadvantage of silver cutlery is that it oxidises quickly and turns black. It then has to be polished to shine again. People used to have maids in the house for that, but those times are gone, and polishing has to be done by yourself. Many people don't have the time for that and therefore want to sell their silver cutlery.

Types of silver cutlery

There are a number of types of silver cutlery that have been widely sold in the Netherlands in the past and are still popular: Dutch Smooth (today only available as silver-plated cutlery) and Haags Lofje. Both have a fairly sleek design. There are also many types of silver cutlery that are more decorated.

With silver knives, the cutting edge is always made of a different material, because silver would be too soft to cut with. The handles of silver knives are not solid either, they are filled with another material, often lime oe something else. Therefore, with silver knives, only part of the weight of the knife is actually silver.

We at De Goudwaag in The Hague therefore offer silver cutlery buyback for our customers, so that when they sell their silver cutlery, they can receive a nice amount of money.

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