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We have often heard the stories: people who have inherited jewellery with pompous gemstones or diamonds, but never wear them because they do not fit their personal style. Thus, these valuable gemstones end up unused in the closet. This is a shame because if people were to sell these gems and diamonds, they could bring in a lot of money. By selling, these diamonds and gemstones will come back into circulation and can be used to shine in other, new jewellery. We at De Goudwaag value your gems and diamonds for free and would be happy to buy them from you.

A rule of thumb is that diamonds and gemstones are interesting for us to buy from 0.3 carats, which is comparable to a sizeable pinhead. Smaller stones are not traded individually, but are sold by wholesalers in batches.

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The value of precious stones and diamonds

The value of gemstones and diamonds depends on many factors. Diamonds are usually white in colour, and very rarely pink, yellow or red. Their value is roughly measured by the "four Cs":

  • Carat - The weight of the diamond
  • Cut - The way the diamond is cut, with the shape of brilliant being the best known
  • Clarity - The cleanliness of the diamond, measured by the amount of impurities
  • Colour - The colour, in short, the whiter the more valuable

These factors also play a role for other types of gemstones, but because they have different colours, these factors are considered in a different way.

There are a number of bodies that issue certificates for diamonds and gemstones, the best known being the GIA in New York is. If your gemstone or diamond comes with a certificate, it increases its value.

We at De Goudwaag have good experts in our area who will expertly appraise the value of your gemstones or diamonds.

Types of gemstones

Apart from diamonds, there are many types of gemstones you can sell with us. The so-called "big four", the four best-known types of gemstones besides diamonds are:

Ruby - red in colour

Sapphire - blue in colour

Emerald - greenish colour

Some of the best known other, less expensive, types of gemstones (sometimes unfairly called semi-precious stones) are:

Aquamarine - light blue in colour

Citrine - yellow in colour

Garnet - usually dark red in colour

Opal - usually milky in colour, with a nice sparkle

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Bringing valuables

You come to us with your diamonds or gemstones

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We test your stones for authenticity and determine the price 

Free valuation of gold, silver and more

We test your stones for authenticity and determine the price

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Cash payment

If you are satisfied with the price, you will be paid the amount in cash, or by bank if you wish

Satisfied customers

We have already had many satisfied customers from around The Hague who have had gold from inheritances valued and sold with us. You will find more than 200 positive reviews about us at eKomi on the Internet, and we have also received many great reviews on Google.


Trade in diamonds as a family tradition

We come from a long family tradition in the diamond and gemstone trade and therefore know the ropes like no other. For this reason, we are able to provide you with expert information, partly with the help of family members who are true diamond experts.

We know that selling your valuables is not always easy, especially if it is an estate with many memories. You want to make sure you receive a fair and honest amount for it. We help you with that by telling you exactly how we arrive at our offer so that it is completely transparent to you. That way, you can sell your gemstones or diamonds with confidence and comfort.

We look forward to seeing you at De Goudwaag for a no-obligation valuation of your gemstones. A cup of coffee will be waiting for you.

Personal attention

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